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Transformation is defined as a dramatic change in condition, nature or character.

Economic Transformation is the change that occurs when businesses create an enabling environment to create economic transformation and equity for its people.

Business Transformation is a process that alters how business is conducted and managed to keep up with an ever-changing economic climate.

Honeycomb Transformation serves as a catalyst for the economic transformation and development of businesses and people. Honeycomb provides sustainable business development services, such that business is powered to empower its people and our economy.

Honeycomb Transformation

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Our business development services include:


Bestmed hereby provides a letter of recommendation with regards to Employment Equity consulting services offered by Honeycomb Transformation, and in particular Shahnaaz Bismilla.

In 2015, Bestmed approached Honeycomb Transformation to provide assistance with EE compliance in the business. Due to various circumstances, Bestmed had a very short timeframe within which to ensure EE compliance and Honeycomb Transformation accommodated us within the allocated timeframe, within costing restriction whilst ensuring top quality consulting service.

Shahnaaz provided us with expert advice in a quick, efficient and professional manner. She is well versed in the legislative requirements surrounding EE and labour issues and proved to have insight into the technical and operational aspects of our business, thereby ensuring a EE Plan that fits our business strategy as well as legislative requirements. Overall, we feel they constantly meet our expectations; they are always available and flexible. As a result we are able to meet our customer’s expectations.

I would recommend Honeycomb Transformation to anyone in need of EE consulting assistance.

Petro Roets – Recruitment Manager